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Rules for water polo

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rules for water polo

The game of water polo is an international sport and is played by two teams of The following information provides a snapshot of the rules of the game and. What are the rules of water polo and who enforces them? Learn more about the regulations of this unique water sport. Regulations for Disciplinary Actions in Water Polo at FINA Events . Rule between the time a referee awards a penalty throw and the taking of the throw.

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Relations between Athletes and Health Care Providers Chapter II: Retrieved 20 September , from Dictionary. Players getting more than two major fouls are out of the game. This technique, called sloughing , allows the defense an opportunity to double-team the hole set and possibly steal the inbound pass. If the goalie, however, is the last to touch the ball before it goes out of play behind the goal line, or if a defender purposely sends the ball out, then the offense receives the ball at the two meter line for a corner throw or "two meter". Can I make contact with a player who is going to catch the ball?


Water Polo rules - Instructions for referees rules for water polo

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